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Is it possible to route the traffic from my Xbox One through AirVpn?

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I got to thinking about how my computer and phone can use AirVpn, but what about my Xbox One? As of right now, it's traffic is vulnerable to attacks at any time. So my question is, is there ANY way to route my traffic from my Xbox through AirVpn?


(Sorry if it doesn't make any sense, im not really an expert at these things)

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You would need to use a router that routes all traffic through the VPN such as pfSense, Asus, Netgear etc that have OpenVPN.


That being said you cannot port forward all the required ports for XBOX Live to function entirely and will have a strict NAT and have some services be unavailable at times, including chat.


I use pfSense of course, but I do not run my consoles through the VPN, instead I employ a true isolated DMZ for them and allow UPNP only on that interface and only for those devices. This allows me to enjoy full functionality as well as top level security. I even have ad and tracking servers blocked on the DNS level for a bit of extra privacy. Keep in mind if you use XBOX Live this is generally attached to your true identity through your account so there is little value of the gaming traffic to go through the VPN, unless you are trying to hide gaming use from your ISP.

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How to set up pfSense 2.3 for AirVPN

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Guest pat-xyzzy

hi marlboroman


Do you know how to connect your Xbox to the net via your Windows machine when you are not using the VPN?


This is called Internet Connection Sharing, or ICS, and was easy up to and including Win7 - then MS changed it for Win 8 and changed it again for Win10 and now it is quite challenging to get right, even without a VPN. 


Anyway, my suggestion if you want to follow it up is to


1. get ICS  going without using the VPN, just to prove to yourself that you can do it. You will need to find an online tutorial for that, and make sure you choose one for the correct version of Windows.


2 then disable the connection sharing,


3. switch on the VPN, and lock


4. do internet connection sharing again. It may take some juggling to get the correct virtual network adaptors, as both the VPN and ICS will add separate virtual adaptors (pretend network cards).


IF it works (and I don't have aan Xbox so can't try it) then it will be the privacy-enabled VPN connection that will be shared.


hope that helps, it is just a thought, especially if you do not have an appropriate router



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