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Some Good - Some Bad - Minireview

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Some good things I have liked about this service: 


- Claim of no logs

- Protocol Agnostic

- Excellent port-forwarding interface

- Likewise good user interface web and client wise

- Openvpn as a protocol, front and center - supposedly secure settings

- fun, cool and useful server statistics 

- Speed!

- Focus on server security, quality 

- Alternative connection protocols

- Feature packed client

- Support and prompt response to questions, forum advice is good


But there are some clear downsides 


- Client, unfortunately based on Microsoft controlled mono/C# - strange choice


Client under linux tends to be bit laggy and on top of that in my experience leaks enormous amounts memory over longer periods as well as being dependant on old version of mono.

On top of that client does not install any sort of optimizations or more stable setting by default (different garbage collector, aet/optimization, desktop profile). Of course there is the cli, so not a dealbraker, but unfortunate "feature". I am hoping that a new version without memory leaks/based on newer version of mono would be released in a near future. Even better would be, say, more "native" client for linux or recommendation of alternative client software. 


- No logs, we promise ;-)


- Perhaps more servers/countries available would be in order to diversify "trust" - but no biggie.


But still and all in all, very good service in terms of reliability and overall impression of privacy mindedness. So, keep up the good work!



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What's wrong with Mono/C#?

This allows seamless multiplatform GUI development with minimum efforts.


Even on Linux, you will have to provide GTK2/GTK3 and Qt4/Qt5 frontends, which

is a huge mess if you look on some other open source projects.

Mono is a good choice in this case.

Microsoft doesn't "control" anything, it is simply a programming language.

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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