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How To Set Up pfSense 2.3 for AirVPN

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9 minutes ago, Mad_Max said:
My wan is because its a cable from my router ( which has 10 clients connected to it and the pfsense is the 11th)

i got a screen shot of the OpenVPN config, but whats the gateway xD?
Gteways are under

SYSTEM - - Routing
Step 4 in the guide. 

About your VPN Client settings... At the bottom of the configuration set as show below. 



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move your modem into bridged mode so it passes the connection through to pfSense. 
Alternatively allow RFC1918 addresses on WAN interface which might get stuff working for you. You'll be behind a double-NAT config like this and your life is going to be painful, especially if you try port forwarding. 


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i did the openvpn config like u said @zapoteknico and her eis a photo of the gateway

Thanks @dlecbasC, Im sorry for using these newbie terms but, the router was provided by my isp. It switches the net from fiber to Wireless + Lan. for pfsense, is it better to keep using this router? or should i get a small fiber to lan media convertor?


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I am quite sure your issue is related the ip addresses of your interfaces (WAN and LAN) and/or the DHCP server assignation settings and/or the NAT outbound rules.
If i get it right you have the ISP router that gives IP to your WAN via DHCP. 
Then tou have pfsense giving address to your LAN network via DHCP.... 
Out of curiosity... What is the IP address of your ISP router? 

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Here is a screen shot of the AirVPN Gateway and the Interfaces.

Well, my setup is: In my neighbors house the main router the ips start from ... and i got a cable from his house to my access point, but not i removed the access point and installed a pfsense instead

air gateway.png


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Your pfsense Lan has the same ip of your ISP router.
It will never get connected...
The easier solution on my point of view is to change the IP of the ISP router... 

The guide you have followed starts assuming that you have a pfsense box with a WAN configured to receive an ip from isp router via DHCP (i.e. 192.168.0.x) and then have a LAN that will be set to have address starting from

Because your starting situation (isp router with ip  you should change all the IP address in the guide with something like

If you only have devices connected to the isp router via lan or wireless and no port forwarding on the isp router, then just change the isp router address to
The isp router will reboot... All the devices will get a new IP address and the pfsense router will connect (unless there are other mistakes in how you followed the guide) 

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I think this picture will explain better what i mean
The isp router has ip (like your isp. Router) 
It gives connection to clients (host machine) with ip amd to the pfsense box with ip ( in your case) 

Then the pfsense box below has LAN ip and gives IPs in the same range to other devices - 10.0.07

Your pfsense LAN insted has IP making any connection impossible due to duplicate ip on the network 

I think this also explains why your WAN_DHCP Gateway is not showing any Gateway or Monitor IP address.
In my working setup, it shows the ISP router IP Address 



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16 hours ago, Mad_Max said:

Thank you so much for your replies. But, i have changed the ISP ip and still no connection :(


Hello i am available if you still need help. 
You can also try to contact me privately 

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On 4/30/2019 at 7:37 PM, Mad_Max said:

here is the openVPN config:

Sorry its a screen shot from a mobile and uploaded to imgur  and not here 😕

i assume this still isn't working.

i can see about 5 options to change
1. under NCP  ADD aes 256 GCM
2.  auth digest alg needs to be set to sha512
3. toppology needs to be changed to subnet
4. TOS service need to uncheck don't pull routes.
5.  please change  VERB to 4 so we can actually read issues i the log


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I'm picking up the thread from the last page, so I apologize if this has already been addressed. Can you ping ANY outside sites, from the pfSense box itself? Diagnostics > Ping. Select the WAN as the source address and attempt to ping an Air server (i.e. ran.airvpn.org) and see what happens. If not, then there's another issue, likely NAT related that's preventing it from getting a connection to the VPN.

If it works, then please try the following: VPN > OpenVPN > Clients. You have 4 buttons along the top: Settings, Related Status, Related Log Entries, Help. Click "Related Log Entries" and THAT will tell you what occurs when trying to connect to AirVPN.

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