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Feature proposal: prevent automatic reconnection after disconnect (OS X)

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I have a lot of problems with dropped connections after coming back from hibernation on my MacBook. Eddie tries to reconnect before I get a new wifi connection. Somehow, it seems like that this process slows down the process of finding and logging into a wifi. Maybe that is just a feeling, but as soon as I press the cancel button in Eddie, my MacBook will connect to a wifi. A feature that would prevent Eddie from reconnecting after a dropped connection would solve that.

A similar problem is also described in this thread: https://airvpn.org/topic/16143-restart-problem/?p=34601


Anyway, a feature like that would be advantages in other circumstances:

Imagine I close (hibernate) my MacBook at home. I go to another wifi and open my MacBook. It will connect to the wifi and Eddie would try to connect immediately. I may not want that the owner of that wifi knows that I use AirVPN. Just applying NetLock after a dropped connection would prevent that...


What do you think? Is that a possible solution? Could it be implemented?

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It could, but anyway you can reproduce the mentioned situation right now. Keep Network Lock enabled, and before hibernation disconnect the system from the VPN, but do NOT shut down the Air client. Only after the VPN disconnection has been completed hibernate the machine,


In this way, when you wake up the machine, firewall rules are always the same (Network Lock) but Eddie will not try to reconnect to any VPN server. WiFi or Ethernet connection will be established as usual without interference from Eddie, but no data can go out to the Internet. At that point, you can decide whether conneting to a VPN server, or just shut Eddie down to restore connectivity (Network Lock will be disabled, therefore firewall rules restored).


Kind regards

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