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SMPT Mail connection failure

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As a VPN newbie I hope someone may be able to resolve my email sending problem.


Since enabling AirVPN on my Win10 PC I am unable to send emails through the Thunderbird mail outgoing server smtp.optusnet.com.au Port:25 (Optusnet default). Changing to Port:587 (Thunderbird default) does not resolve the problem.

The Thunderbird error dialogue is:

Send Message Error

Sending of the message failed because the connection to Outgoing sever (SMTP) smtp.optusnet.com.au timed out. Try again.


All incoming pop3 emails are received normally.


Is the problem generated by my ISP connection being in Australia and the AirVPN tunnel exiting in Canada?

Any solutions?

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As it states on AirVPN website:



  • Outbound port 25 blocked to prevent spam.

Best bet would be to see if you can set up for port 465

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Thanks for the responses.


As for IMAP v POP3, that is the email retrieval protocol and does not help me with the sending of emails thru Optusnet via SMTP.

I did update the server addresses to mail.optusnet.com.au so thanks for that....but it did not change the behavior of SMTP port 25.


With AirVPN blocking port 25 (I should have read the fine print before buying...doh!) and Optusnet ONLY supporting port 25 it appears I am stuck.

I will try instead to setup an SMTP server in Thunderbird thru my gmail account and use it as the default.

Fingers crossed

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