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Hi AirVPN community ...


Im a bit noobs with kali (and linux also but i try my best to install it via some tutorials and forums (install network-manager-openvpn-gnome) ... but after i see this post : https://airvpn.org/topic/12509-kali/ ... i know that seem to be the answer to my problem but the tutorial is a bit too geek for me ... so maybe someone can help me with this ... to much dependencies and no command how to make it ;(


its working with network-manager but staff let me know that is buggy and my connection is always on and off or disconnect for no reason ... (dns leaks) ... so i want to start the good way and remove all this buggy stuff ...


thanks for your time




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flush network mangler and kali


roll yer own plus one tool at a time


set your local to static and blah blah


grab oodlz of wify cardz also


slap anyone drinken decaf

for their own good

don't charge them tho

they don't understand ya did

a public service thingy

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ya don't need a gui to do what ya want, grab gentoo or arch and build your own config, you might like fluxbox or xfce or nothing at all, grab some networking books, grab all the wireshark, run shark from command line, a lot of this might not be considered 'noob friendly' but truth is, i bounced around for a decade in linux land, going back to square one, grab one tool, tear into it, wireshark is a really good start coz well, it's used for everything, plus you will save yourself thousands of hours of painful spoon feeding nothing wrong getting help or having something pre-made, not at all, but like any human behavior, you give me a fish, cool, you give me hunger and i will do whatever it takes to catch a fish

thanks for your help but if u think that is noob friendly lol ... think like a pre-noob i dont understand all u said im really sorry but at this time a pre-made solution will make my day lol ... i just need to use a vpn and it not disconnect all the time ... the solution i read before in the link i provide look much more "nobbs-friendly" ... i dont want to be a networking analist just put some command to install this ... dont take this personnaly i know that it can be great but my attention is elsewhere for now ... i could not take a year learning code, wireshark etc ...


thanks anyone can help ... just need the command for install succesfully all the dependencies on the post ...

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ah .. and cm0s you dont have a pre-made solution that u use then i can apply ... i willing to pay you if its working great lol


and for the dependencie CS have send me a email ... and i have complete to install the dependencies one by one following the exemple command the provide me so next ... look if all that works ...

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