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Hi all,

I am testing to see if i want to use this provider. Currently I am running the the service thru my router. I am experiencing disappointing numbers on the speed test. Without the VPN service I get ~15 down an 1.8 up. With service I get 1.6 down and 0.2 up. I would like to think I set something wrong. Any advise would be appreciated before I get censored as i have a suspicion this site does based on what I have been reading.


Best Regards

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that router should be able to do about 60mbit/s running openvpn.  so, something else is wrong.  try different servers, ports and protocols.


this site does not censor legitimate content.

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Something is set wrong for sure.  First, are you in a position where you can connect to the router using an ethernet cable and e.g. a laptop?  Just trying to eliminate the router -- > wireless -- > wireless nic in your laptop/computer from being part of the problem.  I have a far lesser "firepower" router than you and I cannot run wireless Air without an annoying speed loss.  Using ethernet only I can and do grab 50 + meg all day long on Air.


Have you tried to run Air through the Eddie client and a normally configured router on your ISP?  As mentioned in the post above there might be a strong chance that your ISP is  throttling your connection.  Running Eddie would allow you to wrap the tunnel in SSL on port 443 and might bypass ISP throttling.  You won't know unless you try it.


If you would be willing to share WHO your ISP is we might already know if they throttle.  If you don't want to I/we understand.

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