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If I wanted to hide the VPN server from my ISP, Tor over VPN, or VPN over Tor?

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I'm slightly confused on the nomenclature of Tor over VPN, and VPN over Tor.


Say I don't want my ISP to know what VPN I am using (such as AirVPN), and want all my visible surface IP's to be the VPN server. I don't care if the ISP knows that I am using Tor. What configure should I be aiming for exactly?



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I simply use the Tor Browser once connected to Air - this is Tor over VPN. I have to remember this or I get confused with the terminology 


In your case you would require VPN over Tor which can be achieved by using the Tor option in AirVPN-->Preferences-->Protocols.

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Two things, and these are opinions so regard them as that, please.


1. Most users would much rather have their ISP see them on a VPN than on TOR.  I believe that is because TOR (incorrectly) is associated with almost exclusively illegal stuff going on.  VPN's, while also used for illegal stuff by some, are often used simply to afford privacy to users.  Many companies use vpn's but few use TOR, just as an example!


2.  In the scenario where you connect to Air (or any vpn) and then run TOR on top, you receive the benefit of circuit rotation.  TOR automatically swaps your circuit out about every 10 minutes so that while you are moving among sites and browsing the IP presented to the websites rotates every 10 minutes or so.  When you use TOR and then a VPN on top of that you lose that strategic advantage.

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