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torrent speed capped around 35kbs

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Hello everybody.

I'm having trouble with my torrent client. Whenever I start a torrent it will be capped around 35kbs. When I change the max connection to around 2 it will go full speed (of the uploaders) then stay there for a little while and gradually go down again to 35kbs.
Now if I change the max connection again to for instance 5 it will go full speed again and the same thing happens.
It doesn't matter if I set the max connections to 1,2,3,4,5,6 or a bit higher but every time I change it the speed seems to come back up and then drop again to avarage around 35/40kbs
If i put the connections to let's say 100 it will drop to around 15kbs

Mind you I have no problems downloading without VPN.

My current setup is this:

I connect through the Airvpn client through UDP:443 automatically to the best server automatically in Sweden.
I have forwared 2 port numbers. 1 for incoming 1 for outgoing and specified this in my client.
If I test the port in the client it give a green OK.

My torrent client is Deluge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Eyes thanks for replying.

I have tried 250+ connections... it get's worse if I do more connections, the speed get's capped around 15kbs.. the best speeds I got is when I switch to between 1 to 4 connections but it only lasts for a certain time and then goes back to slow speeds again...

I tried many torrents and im on a private tracker with well seeded torrents and high uploads speeds, also if I don't use the VPN I got no problems getting constant high speeds..

Same problem with the Ubuntu torrent..



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Also... my whole internet just freaks out when I use torrents with that amount of connections..
Skype starts disconnecting...

I'm also running a bitcoin client which tries to make 8 active connections and it behave exactly the same... it will synch with the network in the beginning then slow down and then stops working all together... also other programs at that time get problems connecting..

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Well I'm afraid I'm not sure what the problem is. What is your internet speed (on and off the VPN)?

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Hello Andybe

I have just tried it and rolled back and my torrents are running full speed now, put the connections at 250 now..
Bitcoin client synching normally as well!

Seems that indeed was the problem..

It's nice to know what causes it but security wise, downgrading should be only a temporary solution... who is responsible for the TAP drivers?
Is there anyway to report this and make sure the in the future the new drivers will be working as they should?

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