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Eddie : setting DNS at start/close

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I've been experiencing a few problems with Eddie (2.10.3 but also previous versions) on Win 7 64, mainly after waking my computer from sleep... I can't say for sure that Eddie is the cause of the crash, as I suspect faulty Intel drivers, but the consequences are a bit annoying...


If the VPN connection was up at the time of the crash, the default DNS settings are not reset and windows tries to use AirVpn DNS... so, nothing works until I connect to an AirVPN server. This could be considered as a good thing, as it assures most of the traffic won't work unless connected to the VPN, but sometimes (like with some online payment sites) it is necessary to use a "standard" connection. And so I have to go through the process of manually changing the DNS server every time for this standard connection to work...


It could be interesting to add a feature so that Eddie changes the DNS in use when it is launched (to recover to working settings after a windows crash, for example) and closed (to be sure it really reverts the system to a working configuration), and to be able to manually enter the DNS we want to use.


In short, at the moment we have the option to choose which DNS to use when connected to the VPN (preferences/advanced/DNS), and Eddie reads the DNS in use when it starts and considers it as the standard configuration to revert to when it's closed, without checking if it is a valid/working DNS instead of AirVPN DNS (which won't work with a standard connection).


I would need the same option, but to choose which DNS to use when NOT connected to the VPN + apply this setting at start and close of Eddie.


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Well I found a "dirty" way of doing this for the moment.


I created a .bat file containing this :


netsh interface ipv4 set dns "the name of your local network connection" static X.X.X.X(the primary DNS you wish to use)
netsh interface ipv4 add dns "the name of your local network connection" Y.Y.Y.Y(the secondary DNS you wish to use) index=2


If the name of your local network connection contains characters specific to your language, use a software like notepad++ to change its encoding...


Test the batch file in a command window to be sure everything is OK...


Then in Eddie :

* Preferences / Advanced / Events

* App start > and select to run your batch file

* Session end > and select to run your batch file


* Save


If you launch Eddie a windows start (no need to auto connect to the vpn, just launching Eddie is enough) you should get rid of the DNS problem after a crash.


But... this is a dirty solution as Eddie already changes the DNS with the "standard values" it memorized, just before the batch file is run. Sometimes it seems to hang a bit while running the script, as if there was a conflict between Eddie and the script...


Being able to directly tell Eddie which DNS we want to revert to when not connected to the VPN would definetely be cleaner...

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