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Preferred port for ssh

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I recently noticed that my openvpn speeds weren't great. It didn't matter whether I was connecting via udp or tcp or a specific port. And so I tried connecting via ssl and ssh tunnels.  Both were surprsingly much faster. So, I have two questions, please:


1) Am I correct in my understanding that openvpn via a ssh tunnel is more efficient and generally preferred over openvpn via a ssl tunnel?


2) For openvpn via a ssh tunnel, which port is preferred and recommended?


Thanks much for the assistance and advice!

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If using the SSH tunnel on port 22 performs at speeds you are happy with, I recommend you use that.


Unfortunately, I am not able to answer the first question and am interested in knowing myself.

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Technically speaking a standard openvpn UDP connection should be the fastest.


But if you're getting throttled use what works for you. SSH has slightly more overhead than SSL. Generally I get better pings on SSL.

Both are fast @ raw bandwidth however both will have more overhead than just openvpn + UDP. -because its essentially a second tunnel that has to encrypt/decrypt data.


SSH port is really your choice. Pick one, if its not throttled run it.

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For the SSH tunnel, you have only port 22 to go with right now.

Air could make the SSH daemon listen on more ports, however in most cases it is the best to leave it on the default one - that's the purpose

of the tunnel (To maintain a real SSH connection to the standard 22 port)

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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Thanks for this. Yes, rickjames, you're right that openvpn+udp is the ideal.  But after not being able to speed things up by changing udp ports or even switching to tcp (which I know is chattier), I decided to try openvpn+ssl and openvpn+ssh. I have to say that a part of me prefers openvpn+ssl because there's then no trace of the openvpn signature.


Zhang888, when I go to the config generator, I have an option with openvpn+ssh of ports 22, 53 and 80.  So, it looks like the AirVPN team are already on top of that.


But I think I now get it - more overhead with openvpn+ssh and the specific port on openvpn+ssh shouldn't matter - just leave it set to 22.



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