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Hi AirVPN Team,


I have had a 6 month subscription to AirVPN, and your service is amazing. Anytime in the future will you be adding a Lifetime subscription option? I definitively would be willing to pay $200-400 dollars for a lifetime subscription, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in this either. 



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Hmm, I'm not aware of anything on the internet which is under the "Services" category, which is lifetime

Software licensing is different in this case and doesn't count.


The issue here is that the servers cost them lots of money (Starting from ~100 USD/mo each) so I don't think they

can operate under such business model. Unless the Datacenter's start doing it as well


Think of it as the city transportation in the place you live...You have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ticket pass...

But I'm not aware of any place where you can buy a single ticket and ride for even 5 years unlimitedly...

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Must be a member of nzb indexers and torrents, as they are the only ones that offer life time.

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I can understand why a consumer might want a lifetime subscription, but I am always wary of doing business with companies that offer them. If a lifetime sub proves too poplar, the company eventually runs out of cash

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And especially with services it is also risky. Any company can at any time close their doors without prior warning. If you are a monthly or yearly subscriber you will probably lose your monthly or yearly payment. But if you are an owner of a lifetime subscription you will lose much more. What's more the future of services like AirVPN is far from sure. There are attempts worldwide to make service providers log the activity of their customers, UK government even wants to outlaw encrypted communication without a back door for law enforcement/ intelligence services... Not that I have no trust in AirVPN and their promise not to log anything but if, for example the EU, introduces a law that forces AirVPN to do that, what else should they do than comply? If anything like that happens every owner of a lifetime subscription already paid for would be completely screwed.

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