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Hi all,


I have the Linux AirVPN Eddie Client 2.8.8 running on Lubuntu. When I try to "Save As" the log files from the GUI it defaults to a "Desktop" directory. As you can see on the attached screenshot, I saved a log file called AirVPN_log.txt. However, it seems that this is not really my desktop. The saved file doesn't show up on my desktop and other files that are on my desktop don't show up in the "Save As" Desktop folder...


From the "Save As" dialog I can not navigate to any folder that is familiar to me. There is also no way to open, delete or move files already saved (like the AirVPN_log.txt file). My question is: where does AirVPN save these log files? I can not find the AirVPN_log.txt anywhere on my system, still the Eddie Client seems to have saved it somewhere.


Thanks in advance

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I think I know what's happening:

  • AirVPN client runs as root (via sudo)
  • it saves log file in $HOME/Desktop/
  • because it's running as root, $HOME = /root/ while you're expecting it to be /home/yourname/



  • In the file save dialog, click on "My computer", then "HDD" (if you have more then one, find the system drive), then navigate to /home/yourname/


I think Air devs could fix this by getting the $HOME variable before asking for root permissions. If they miss this thread, try opening a ticket.

all of my content is released under CC-BY-SA 2.0

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Great, thanks! I was able to locate the misplaced log file by sudo su and than navigating to ~/Desktop/.


And you are right, when going to "My Computer" I see my hard drives and can browse to my users desktop folder.


Thank you

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