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Paysafecard is blocking payments with anonymized IP

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Just found out that Paysafecard didn't carry out my payment (I'm recently in Germany, was connected via Aquilae and used a Paysafecard purchased in Germany).


A little message told me that I need to disable my IP anonymizer before I could proceed.

​So much for anonymized payment methods.

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Probably a result of Aquilae being listed as a TOR exit node. You're not the only one who experience such things.


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A little message told me that I need to disable my IP anonymizer before I could proceed.


Never heard of this message. I found out the hard way several months ago.


Paysafecard is a shady company. I used their cards in the past as an anonymised means of cashless payment. Maybe I was just lucky but I could use it several times with a VPN connection.

Nowadays they regard the use of a VPN as fraud and block payments. They refer to blocking cards as prevention of money laundering. Only the law on money laundering gives banks the right to ask for a copy of your identity card (Paysafecard may have a licence for e-money but that does not make them a common bank, I don't trust them at all). That is what Paysafecard is asking of you in case your card has been blocked. Your address, a copy of your identity card and your banking account. And a hefty fee for all the hard work. Pretty much everything you don't want to give to some dubious company in Great Britain.


Paysafecard does not advise you to not use a VPN. That's how they make their money. Do yourself a favor and don't use Paysafecard!


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