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Slow speeds using dd-wrt on a tp-link WDR4300

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Got a question, I've bought a new router yesterday and when I came home in flashed the latest version of dd-wrt everything works just great and it's an awesome router, but when using openvpn the speeds are very slow. I'm getting 13mbit (up and down) over different ports (UDP and TCP) i'm using a server (different ones) in the netherlands and i'm also located in the netherlands. I've played with the Ciphers but nothing changes when using the client (on a windows machine im getting 70mbit on the same server). Is there anyway to boost the speed or is it just that the router can't handle it? 


Thanks in advance!



Did some checking but got a feeling it's the CPU of the router that's being the bottleneck. It's at 100% when using openvpn (and downloading something). To bad I thought a router like this would be up to the task but I was wrong

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Yeah to bad I allready bought it for 60 euro's haha it's a good router and it still gets 1,6mb/s so that's not that bad tho i'll keep that inmind the next time i buy a new one

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Mmmmm bought a new router a Asus RT-AC87u it's a very fast router, but still i'm getting like 9mbit. I don't know what's wrong but this router should be abble to handle much more. 


PS: Fixed it it had something to do with the router it's doing 40mbit on the moment on stock 1000mhz if you want faster speeds you'll need a bigger router (and those are very expensive)

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