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Max 2.0 Mbps on singapore server

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Could anybody give me feed back on speedtest on Singapore(Antares) server.I could only max only 2Mbps download on that particular server,but can do fine on france or lexumbourg server.It is only me or anything else I missed out?Any feedback is very much appreciated.


best regards



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I am connected to Antares on UDP 443. I have a 4Mpbs plan with my ISP. And as is visible from the speedtest.net result below, I am getting above 3.5Mbps.




That said, I would classify the Antares server as "unstable". I say "unstable" with the quotes cuz technically as per the status reports (https://airvpn.org/servers/Antares/) the server is stable and working properly. I have had moments when suddenly the speed would drop to below 0.5Mbps. Reconnecting to Antares wouldn't help. If I connect to one of the Netherland servers, then I am back to 4Mbps. It doesn't happen all the time and its not as bothersome, so I never complained.


There are existing threads on this forum on how to diagnose speed issues. I think the most commonly suggested solution is to try connecting over UDP 53.

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@strideram,same as my case..during my location peak hours,it would hover from 2Mbps to 0.3Mbps.Im having a bad experiances with singpore server.Thank you for your input.

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