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DD-WRT users - Slow Download Speeds Solution

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I am using a router with dd-wrt and openvpn over SSL or SSH and each time I was downloading something it would be really slow.


For example, downloading the latest ubuntu 14.04 which is around 1Gb would take

-- 4 hours if I double connect, meaning my router is connected to 1 airvpn router and my computer to another one

-- 2 hours if I only connect to airvpn IPs through my router



I fixed this by going to the dd-wrt interface, tab NAT/QoS, sub-tab QoS

and select "start QoS": enable,

Services priority : select "ssh", click "add" and then select "maximum"


And then whatever mode of connection I would choose, my download speed for the same 1Gb file would be

"13 minutes"!!!


Look at the image I enclose.





If this is not a good idea in terms of security, let me know, because I am not an expert on network settings, thanks.

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I am using the very basic one, Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with DD-WRT r24461,


yet, today I tested it on Asus RT-AC66U with DD-WRT Kong AC 24200M (NEWD)


and I see the same behavior:


if I disable this setting my downloads are very slow,


with it enabled I can download 1Gb in 13 minutes.


If this impacts only the bandwidth and not security on my devices then it's great! Thank you for clarifying

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