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Port forwarding stopped working in middle of session

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Yesterday, in the middle of a session, port forwarding stopped working for me. Going to "your forwarded ports" on the website and running a TCP test gives the message


"Not reachable on server IP over the external port 26247, tcp protocol. Error: 110 - Connection timed out."


This happened to me a few months ago, and simply forwarding a different port worked for me. However, this time it is happening for all ports on the website (same error). No changes were made on my local firewall, all port forwarding works fine when off of the VPN.


I am on the Andromedae server, if that matters.



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Turn off your local firewall and report, please.

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Done, and the problem persists.


Router side port forwarding doesn't matter in this instance, correct? As I've been using port forwarding for over a year now without forwarding ports on my router, and haven't had any issue.


If I have an opportunity later today, I'll try connecting on another computer on my network and seeing if it works on those.


Edit: As a note, I am running the VPN on openvpn on my desktop, not through a router, for clarification.

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Some updates on what I have tried:


-Attempted VPN connection over two alternate machines; a freshly installed Linux Mint machine, and a Windows 7 machine that was using the airvpn client.


-Router side port forwarding; again correct me if I'm wrong that this is unnecessary, but while I had the ports forwarded I did verify again that they are open when not on the VPN.


-Connected directly to the modem wirelessly (although the modem does also function as a router, it takes out the DD-WRT middleman).


-Connected to alternate VPN servers besides Andromedae.



All 3 attempts resulted in the same 110 error. Tonight I will be going to a friends house, and I will attempt a VPN connection there and update with the results.




EDIT: After a few days of trying periodically, port forwarding suddenly started working for me again. Unsure of what the issue was, as I did not change anything else new.

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