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Several weeks with AirVPN

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I used an early VPN system for work and I was not impressed with its performance; however, it was all we had then and it worked for that purpose.  I had been looking at a VPN provider and decided to try out AirVPN based on a lot of research into their Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement.  I have to say that I am impressed.


Further, I have tried several different servers from the US & the EU and my connection speeds are fantastic!  I live in a remote place and was pleasantly surprised to see minimal impact on my network speed.


I have now set up a Linksys WRT54GL router with AirVPN setup through the OpenVPN client found in Toastman's version of the Tomato firmware.  It is a wonderful piece of engineering.  Now all my traffic is routed through the AirVPN service and I am well-pleased with how easy it was to setup (all things considered).


1. First & foremost, if you do want to flash a WRT54GL Linksys router, make sure you do so using the MINI version (I used the ND/2.4 kernel branch) first and THEN update it with the full-fledged Toastman Tomato VPN image.  I almost bricked my brand-new router by going straight for the heavy version.


2. Setting up the AirVPN is a snap, just do not forget to click on the little box that is found in Section "3. Connection Mode" under "Advanced" which says "Resolved hosts in .ovpn file" !  I did not see that at first and could not figure out to what portion of the (dot)ovpn file the instructions referred.


I and my family will be purchasing several years worth of service from this company, with a few caveats:


a. Keep up the excellent service;

b. The company continues to respect individual privacy rights (as an example, read how the owner of Lavabit.com - an email provider - shut down his operation rather than give all his clients' information away);

c. and that is it!


Thank you for such an excellent product.  I highly recommend your services to family and friends.

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I have the same router, but sorry, you might as well be speaking Chinese... can you tell a newbie exactly HOW you did the steps you describe in the post?

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