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Getting a good DD WRT setup

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Hi guys,


I'm new to VPN and would like your advice before I buy something I shouldn't. 


I live in Europe and I got AirVPN mainly to access content from my native country and the US. Currently I can access both server locations using my laptop and I don't have any problems. Now, I want to expand my connectivity to any devices that uses Wi-fi in my place, for example Roku, Xbox and my Google Nexus. I understand I need to use a DD-WRT router for that. Now my questions:


1. I have a very bad modem/router, which I intend to replace. For me to get AirVPN in all my devices, do I need to by 2 routers? One for internet connection and one for the DDWRT?


2. Is Asus RT-N16 the best option for my DDWRT router? Anything cheaper you would recommend that would be easy to config for AirVPN?


3. What would be the best modem/router for my internet connection? I will be streaming netflix and other online TV.


4. I understand that once I set up a DDWRT router, I need to choose a Server Location, which most likely will be a US one. Now, what about when I want to switch to the Portuguese Server Location to see online TV, at anytime I want?


5. Last question, if I want to go back to my original IP address, how can I do it? 





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Thanks Knicker, but my IT skills are almost zero, I wouldn't dream to pursue such installation. I want something easy for a normal user, without paying some tech guy to install it at home. My budget is limited and I want something that wouldn't take much time. I'm good in following instructions, so I think setting the DD WRT is easier.


Regarding the speed, it might get slower, but getting the DD WRT router seems to me to be the easier solution.


Any thoughts on my questions?



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Oke, respect that.


Check out flashrouters.com or Sabai technologies... They have pre config routers. I would advice the Asus...


Good luck!



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