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Thanks for a great VPN service. I've been using the Windows client so far with no problems. However, I recently bought an Asus RT-N16 router for the purpose of bridging with the router upstairs, in order to get a wired Internet connection downstairs. This worked out well.


I also wanted to use openVPN on the router downstairs using tomato (shibby), but I've run into a problem. In the howto article it says I have to change the DNS servers under basic/networking, but the problem is as the router is bridged to the router upstairs, the gateway and first DNS address is the LAN address to the router upstairs.


I've tried setting up openVPN without changing the DNS settings, but it didn't seem to work very well (at all). Is it possible to use openVPN on a tomato router that is bridged to another router that it gets the internet access from?

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Yes that is what a bridge does. You need your router to be a gateway, not bridge, for it to supply its own DNS and not have it propigate upstream and leak DNS for your ISP. Buy another router and use that as that as the bridge and feed that to the WAN of your Tomato router. 

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When you say I need to buy another router, do you mean I need the router upstairs to run tomato as well? And run openVPN on the router upstairs, then share that with the router downstairs? I forgot to mention it's a wireless bridge, but I guess that doesn't matter much. The router upstairs is from the ISP, I don't think I can change it. I guess I have to wait until I move and use the RT-N16 as the router connected directly to the Internet, running openVPN. Thanks for the help anyhow.

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you don't need a 2nd router or 2nd bridge rather.. to achieve this. one properly configured wireless bridged router should be fine, without dns leaks... pm me if needed..

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