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I'll try to be honest for those looking into a VPN Provider.

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I like:

The ingenuity of both the staff and community.

The support is not only prompt, it is effective.

The server status page. Allows me to determine which server(s) to use.

The AirVPN client allows me to select from 6 different ports. No kill switch (yet) but it's on the way.

I still prefer the OpenVPN client as it provides plenty of flexibility.

the Config Generator (for a variety of platforms) allows me to select servers for a country, single servers, a variety of connection modes (port, tunnels), servers for area region, resolved hosts, separation of keys/certs, custom directives, filename prefix and a variety of formats to download the file(s). I have 49 configs.

Between status page and configs, I have not experienced throughput or connectivity issues.


No limits on switching servers.

The (new) speed test provides loss or gain of UL and DL speeds due to tunnel.

Aside from an e-mail, it's optional to provide my contact information

Observance of Net Neutrality.

Observance of EU privacy protection.

20 ports can be reserved for forwarding on any/all servers.

I don't like:

It's not a dislike but more a fear. I'm afraid the client base will grow and like most companies growth is great but it could (eventually) come at a cost (customer service). I hope the founders/owners will not allow this to happen.


Do not expect all your destinations to accept AirVPN IP addresses. Since they do not monitor, these IP's are constantly getting banned, especially for STMP. They will not stop their end-users from doing things which will blacklist our IP's as this goes against their Net Neutrality philosophy.


No phone support. That would simply add to the subscription price and VPN providers who I used with phone support were pretty useless (no exaggeration) anyway.


No Chat support.


Many of my family live in Iran and their bandwidth isn't so hot to begin with. Trying to get them up and running OpenVPN over SSL or SSH really bogs them down. They have between 128k and (some in education have) up to 512k circuits (over copper). It's been difficult. They are not so much looking for privacy / security as much as the ability to bypass the filters and gain access to sites. I currently have some of them using SSTP (PPTP and L2TP are also blocked), none of them are secure but accomplishes the task; as long as they keep their political and religious beliefs to themselves.

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