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What is the referral system?

Referral system is a method to allow a person to gain money when another person buys a service or a product recommended by the first one, typically through a referral link.
A detailed referrals' page is available in Client Area, in Referrals page. It shows the URL that referrals need to use and some ready to use banners. It also lists the recent customers linked to the referrals and the latest account credit charges.

When a customer follows a referral link, a one-month validity 'referred_by' cookie is created in the customer's browser.
If it already exists and already points to the same referral, it gets renewed for one month.
If it already exists but does not point to the same referral, the original referral still remains.

During an account creation, a customer having the 'referred_by' cookie is linked to the referral.

When a new referred customer buys an AirVPN service for the first time, 20% is credited in 'Account Credit' of the referral person. Higher commissions are available when mid-term aims are reached. Contact us if you are interested in a mid-term commitment.

Pricing & Currency
  • Your commission percentage is computed on the NET price
  • In case a currency differs from EUR (including cryptocurrencies), your commission is always in EUR, computed at the exchange rate valid when the referred user made the payment.

Scenario examples:
  • If a user follows your referral link, and it's the first time in a month that he/she browses airvpn.org website, any account that this user will create is associated to the referral.
  • If a user follows your referral link after having followed a different referral link of another website, the first referral is the one that remains valid (for one month).
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